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Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman

13 Aug

Nostalgia Dose Part III!

The first show to introduce me to girl power! Haters, beware! Dr. Michaela Quinn is a competent lady doctor in the Wild West! She’ll do a better job of treating you than the town barber! The Horror!

Dr. Quinn: I can do anything I set my mind to!

You go, girl.

Created by lady Beth Sullivan.

Oft-expressed fighter/defensive face. :/ "I have a REAL medical license!"

Yeah, I just cured someone's ailment!


Sabrina, the Teenage Witch

12 Aug

Nostalgia Dose Two! (and this show was of course ladymade, created by Nell Scovell)

I definitely took my fashion and sass cues from Sabrina/Melissa Joan Hart when I was 12.

Ooooh, Sabrina's red Delia's catalogue dress! Too scared and boobless to try this at 12.

Definitely had a red velour dress at this time in my life; wore it when I wanted to look "sophisticated."

Short-sleeve button downs were also a fashion staple. WHY DID I WEAR THEM UNBUTTONED WITH HIGH-NECKED TEES UNDERNEATH??

Oooooh, those invisichokers annnnnd the see-thru shirt with tanks underneath. And florals. I wore this kind of shirt when I wanted to look "cool." Like on my birthday.