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The Black Apple

5 Sep

Emily Martin’s The Black Apple is one of my longest-running blog loves. Her art is part wistful, part spooky, and part cute. And recently her circus-inspired works have been reminding me of Geek Love. Emily’s recipes/crafting/fashion/decorating skillz inspire me.

This is Emily:

Here are some of her paintings (inexpensive prints, lockets, diaries and things available at her shop)!




Across from Me

4 Sep

I definitely don’t condone facebook lurkin around out of sheer Sunday night boredom, but sometimes this does lead to good things! Like my elementary school friend’s boyfriend’s brother’s (also a high school classmate) girlfriend’s site Across from Me. Sometimes the simplest ideas can have powerful results, yeah? And it’s nice antidote to my general tumblr hate – I love that this tumblr has a very clear focus: “A series of photos I secretly take while sitting across from people every day on the NYC subway.” THANK YOU. The people-watching was the only thing I liked about the D.C. metro, but it’s gotten so bad, even the people-watching can’t convince me to ride. Here’s the people-watching without the long waits, the heat, the smells, the creepers, etc. Yay!

Hot Guys and Baby Animals

24 Aug

So, dear readers, I’ve been looking at my site stats. Not obsessively or anything…. And a TON of you clicked on Hot Guys Reading Books. A distant second was Sharon Montrose’s Baby Animals. So. I shall give the people what they want. Even if it slightly disgusts me and makes me feel oh so sad about what’s clickable in this crazy world we live in: hawties and baby cute things. Sighhhhhhhh. Here you are. Thank creators Audrey Khuner and Carolyn Newman for “combining what they love the most.” Ok, I have to go barf now. For you:

Hot Guys Reading Books

22 Aug

Washingtonian Alli Rense put together this amusing tumblr, which is exactly what it sounds like, Hot Guys Reading Books. It’s refreshing to find men objectified rather than ladies. Waiiiiiiiit, scratch that!! It’s not ok to objectify anyone, but this is ok because:

a) reading is cool

b) many hot guy photos seem to be self- or gf-submitted

c) the wide swath of guys makes me happy; real life hot definitely means different things to different people, and that range is well-represented here.

This is what I got when I clicked on “random” 4 times:

Sharon Montrose’s Baby Animals

10 Aug

I found this on 20×200. All of the art here is really $20! Bigger prints can be wayyyy more. For $20, get an 8″ x 10″ print. Anyway, here’s Sharon’s stuff, which I find slightly creepy but also charming.

Baby Monkey No. 5

Piglet No. 2

Baby Giraffe No. 5

Collection a Day

2 Aug

I read about Lisa Congdon’s 365 Collections on the ModCloth Blog and just wanted to pass the linkage along!


Day 250- Baby Doll Hands


Day 356 - Vintage Fighter Photos


Day 334 - Fake Leaves


Day 340 - Holiday Bulbs


Day 291 - Wild Mushrooms

Zeolite Fuhrman

15 Jul

The photography of my friend Zeolite Fuhrman really inspired me while I was embarking on my somewhat short-lived photo/day project (it lasted four months and no, I am not linking that mess). Her work is ghosty and beautiful and I love the sparseness, which is kind of the opposite of what usually catches my eye. I tried to look for that kind of quiet/sad beauty with my own camera, but Zeolite makes it look easy, and it’s not!

I was with Zeolite when she took this and I did NOT see the beauty she captured here.

Zeolite took this in China.

"Technicolor ice and Massachusetts"

Her website design (which she coded herself!) and her writing are also gorgeous. Here’s to talented friends!