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Marcel the Shell

24 Jan

Yeah yeah yeah I know this is maybe old news, but in case you missed it a few years ago here is Marcel the Shell:

It’s co- lady- and manmade by Jenny Slate and her fiance Dean Fleischer-Camp. Isn’t that cuuuuuute!?

Jenny Slate has done other stuff too but this is the best. She got in trouble for “accidentally” saying the f word on SNL and only lasted a year. She was also on a lot of those fluffy VH1 shows that you may or may not have broken gym treadmill time limit rules to watch for hours while walking sloooowly.


An Education

16 Aug

As the air is getting crisper, and I’m hearing a lot of Staples and Office Depot school supplies ads, I can’t stop thinking about BACK TO SCHOOL, and this great 2009 British film, directed by Lone Sherfig, An Education. That year it was up for Best Picture, Best Actress (Carey Mulligan), and Best Adapted Screenplay (Nick Hornby based on Lynn Barber’s autobiographical article). Although it didn’t win any Academy Awards, it won my heart ::barf::

I get really swept off my feet by the charm of this film – by Sarsgaard and by the drool-worthy 1961 costumes and sets. Even Mulligan’s 16-year-old character’s supposedly dreary suburban life (without the glamor of Sarsgaard’s life glittering with promise) is appealing in its on way. I love how this movie can seduce a viewer and then drop her on her head. Very mild spoiler alert: things are not always as they seem!

This movie is about smart people doing kind of foolish things.

94% of Films Are Made by Men*

15 Aug

My film category on this blog is pretty small.


I can’t find that many ladymade films that I really like!

Via Salon, here is a slightly outdated but interesting look at why that may be.

Looking through these lists of female-directed films, I got some surprises. The tale of misogynistic and criminally insane yuppie Patrick Bates in American Psycho was directed by a woman??

Mary Harron and Patrick Bates, er Christian Bale

There are lists here and here of female directors and their films, but the selection is pretty slim!

It’s also a little sad that many female directors broke into the field by either acting first or having famous dads.

Do you have any female-directed film recommendations?

I’m gonna go through some of these lists, so expect some more ladymade film entries in the near future!

* I have no idea where people are getting this statistic!

Ladimations (Lady Animations)

4 Aug

I watched Waiting for Superman yesterday, and without going into a big review since it’s dudemade, the documentary itself was well-done VISUALLY, but the points were not very well-argued. The parts that positively stood out the most were the animations!

The below is a team effort of Sean Donnelly + Abbey Luck + Jordan Bruner + Vanessa Appleby. (Ignore the music!)


Here’s another from Jordan Bruner:


Here’s one from Sean Donnelly, Jordan Bruner, Abbey Luck, Taili Wu, and Vanessa Appleby:


A remake of Sesame Street‘s 12 pinball thing by Abbey Luck:

How to Be Alone

3 Aug

by filmmaker Andrea Dorfman and poet/singer/songwriter Tanya Davis.

And another by these two!

I’m a fan of Tanya Davis’ jams in general. She lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia. She’s won the CBC (Canadian NPR) National Poetry Face-Off twice!

Ooooh, I wanna go visit Halifax now!


Whip It

31 Jul

Barrymore did a really good job with her directorial debut!

I have soft spots for Drew Barrymore and Ellen Page (I know they both have their fair shares of haters, but I think they’re both great, so if you hate them, abort! Stop reading now). With Page starring and Barrymore directing, I knew it was gonna be GREAT(!) and was so happy and excited, even though I was living in Korea and couldn’t see it in theaters. Seriously, all I could see there were movies like The Dark Knight and Transformers II. After I watched Whip It on my stupid laptop, I wanted to move to middle-o-nowhere Texas, wear a lot of t-shirts and skirts, and beat up on (and be beaten up on by) others. While on skates!!! I wanted to be in high school getting soooooo excited about something new and trying really hard to get good at something. I miss that feeling of finding a new passion! Have any of you readers recently discovered any new passions?

I know writing about this movie isn’t breaking news or anything, but Whip It is definitely a great pick-me-up to keep in mind if you’re ever feeling blah.

Scared of The Future

29 Jul

Miranda July‘s second full-length movie, The Future, is comin out soon. Look into your own future on the website. I’m a little scared to go see it because I’m iffy on the trailer, and I have such hopes for anything Miranda July breathes on. I looooove the film Me and You and Everyone We Know and the short story collection No One Belongs Here More Than You. And also the interactive Learning to Love You More. Linky linky links!

So here’s the trailer:

What do you think? I don’t like the cat.

I think I’m gonna try reeeeally hard to like it because I like July.

In a 2007 interview with Bust magazine, July spoke of the importance of feminism in her life, saying, “What’s confusing about [being a feminist]? It’s just being pro-your ability to do what you need to do. It doesn’t mean you don’t love your boyfriend or whatever…When I say ‘feminist’, I mean that in the most complex, interesting, exciting way!”

Yes. That’s it. That is the idea of feminism ladymade embraces. Being pro-lady success! And pro-boyfriends/brothers/dads/boys-who-are-friends/whatevers. Pro everyone yayyyyyyy. Positivity Friday!