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Marcel the Shell

24 Jan

Yeah yeah yeah I know this is maybe old news, but in case you missed it a few years ago here is Marcel the Shell:

It’s co- lady- and manmade by Jenny Slate and her fiance Dean Fleischer-Camp. Isn’t that cuuuuuute!?

Jenny Slate has done other stuff too but this is the best. She got in trouble for “accidentally” saying the f word on SNL and only lasted a year. She was also on a lot of those fluffy VH1 shows that you may or may not have broken gym treadmill time limit rules to watch for hours while walking sloooowly.


Ms. Frizzle as Style Icon

12 Aug

I’m so glad Hannah at the ModCloth blog shares my Ms. Frizzle fashion love. I’m getting so excited about my student teaching wardrobe possibilities. When will I get to wear my dino earrings and stegosaurus shirt!?

Ladimations (Lady Animations)

4 Aug

I watched Waiting for Superman yesterday, and without going into a big review since it’s dudemade, the documentary itself was well-done VISUALLY, but the points were not very well-argued. The parts that positively stood out the most were the animations!

The below is a team effort of Sean Donnelly + Abbey Luck + Jordan Bruner + Vanessa Appleby. (Ignore the music!)


Here’s another from Jordan Bruner:


Here’s one from Sean Donnelly, Jordan Bruner, Abbey Luck, Taili Wu, and Vanessa Appleby:


A remake of Sesame Street‘s 12 pinball thing by Abbey Luck: