On Precocity – Tavi Gevinson

23 Jan

I first found Tavi’s blog when people were hatin on her for being young and little and internet-famous and wearing too crazy of a hat at some runway show. Who was this creature? Primed to hate, I actually was really impressed by her really thoughtful writing, her beautiful photography, and her inspiring little sets of cool images.

She started her blog at 11, and now at 15, has founded an awesome online magazine, Rookie Mag, for teenage girls who crave something with a progressive, alt, feminist, weirdo nerd twist. What I really love is that many of the articles are written by teenage girls or by cool adult heroes. Tavi’s interviews (like this one with David Sedaris) are really fresh, smart and fun – she’s one of my favorite interviewers! It makes me really wish I had had something like that at 15. There weren’t as many options then when the internet was young. T____T

I like that the fashion photographers are young and get to do what they want:

"Home Is Just a Word" Petra Collins (18 years old)

I also like the collages in the very helpful if you’re a teenager articles:

"Living After Midnight" Emma D. (19 years old)

This mag doesn’t shy away from much – queerness, drugs, sexual assault along with fun movies(!), fun music(!), fun comics(!) – but addresses everything in an open, very helpful way. It’s not like those scared straight horror stories you read in Seventeen about being out of control / victimized. I wish I had a little niece or someone else to recommend this to!


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