Hot Guys Reading Books

22 Aug

Washingtonian Alli Rense put together this amusing tumblr, which is exactly what it sounds like, Hot Guys Reading Books. It’s refreshing to find men objectified rather than ladies. Waiiiiiiiit, scratch that!! It’s not ok to objectify anyone, but this is ok because:

a) reading is cool

b) many hot guy photos seem to be self- or gf-submitted

c) the wide swath of guys makes me happy; real life hot definitely means different things to different people, and that range is well-represented here.

This is what I got when I clicked on “random” 4 times:


2 Responses to “Hot Guys Reading Books”

  1. courtney August 22, 2011 at 11:21 pm #

    yes! i follow this tumblr! i love the realness of it too. it’s a cute blog.


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    […] been looking at my site stats. Not obsessively or anything…. And a TON of you clicked on Hot Guys Reading Books. A distant second was Sharon Montrose’s Baby Animals. So. I shall give the people what they […]

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