Julie of the Wolves

11 Aug

Remember this?

 I know, it was amazing.

The bf and I spotted Eerie, Indiana late last night on Netflix and I got into a major nostalgia fit for all the things I really really liked in elementary school.

Then Wikipedia taught me the real true-life story of the Julie of the Wolves genesis and I’m even more in love!

In 1970, Jean George and her son, Luke went on a trip to Barrow, Alaska to do research on wolves for an article for Reader’s Digest. As they flew into the Barrow airport, she and her son spotted a young Eskimo girl on the tundra, whom her son said “looked awfully little to be out there by herself.” At the Barrow Arctic Research Lab, George observed scientists who were studying wolves and attempting to break their communication code. She allegedly witnessed a man bite the wolf on the top of its nose and communicate with it in soft whimpers, and “the incident stayed with George”. George herself successfully communicated with a female wolf, and upon remembering the Eskimo girl walking by herself on the tundra that she and her son Luke saw on their way to Barrow, she decided to write a book about a young girl surviving on her own in the tundra by communicating with wolves. The character of Miyax/Julie is based on an Eskimo woman named Julia Sebevan, who taught George “about the old ways of the Eskimos.”

Hmmm, not sure how I’d feel about this if I read it now? Would I be bummed by a white lady romanticizing  “the old ways of the Eskimos”? I kind of want to read it again and see! But I also used to love The Little Mermaid and now I realize how unfeminist it was, and it’s ruined and I can’t watch it anymore. :/ What to do what to do! But I’m pretty sure Julie of the Wolves is timelessly and reader-agelessly awesome. Right?


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