Tamara Drewe

4 Aug

This graphic novel was made into a film in 2010. It received ok reviews, but whatever, I haven’t seen it and it’s not a ladymade film.

The book, however, is written by lady graphic novelist Posy Simmonds. This modern twist on Far from the Madding Crowd was originally published as a serialized comic in The Guardian.

I thought it was nice to read the whole story in a few sittings, though. It’s an interesting mix of big blocks of printed text and illustrations with speech bubbles. So it kind of looks like a hybrid between a children’s book and a traditional graphic novel. The writing is strong–perhaps stronger than the visuals–and the characters are well-developed and intriguing. A lot of them are terrible and foolish, but at the same time, self-aware. Tamara Drewe is a columnist/hottie (now that she’s hacked off her big nose) who returns to the small English town of her youth, where her neighbors include those at a writer’s colony and really bored teenagers. This book focuses a lot on the power and burden of beauty. Basically, everyone loses in this book – pretty and ugly alike. And Tamara’s beauty makes everyone kind of hate/fear/love her at the same time.


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