Lynda Barry’s One Hundred Demons

2 Aug

I’m almost done with Lynda Barry’s One Hundred Demons and oh dear readers, it’s good.

It’s a memoir with an epic sense of humor and some X_X poignant moments. This is dark comedy, but with a sweet side to remind us that things aren’t always completely 100% s@*&! forever. The mom is a major demon and growing up with poverty and unusual looks from being mixed race compounds the semi-autobiographical Barry character’s everyday teenage agonies. I felt myself getting teary-eyed at points! I have never felt that pull of the heartstrings before when reading a graphic novel. Sheesh, Barry’s a good storyteller, and as with Esther Pearl Watson‘s drawings, the crudeness/messiness/ugliness of Barry’s little drawn characters is irresistibly charming. This is probably why her work was syndicated in alt weeklies for 20 years!

The book is divided into mini-stories centering around particular demons. Here’s one (not my absolute favorite, but still pretty good) that I could find over at


2 Responses to “Lynda Barry’s One Hundred Demons”

  1. mika August 3, 2011 at 11:52 pm #

    oh gosh, the last panel. love Lynda! and I love your site, too!!

    • clairelorraine August 4, 2011 at 10:24 am #

      thanks! <3 i really like reading about your recent zineventures.

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