Whip It

31 Jul

Barrymore did a really good job with her directorial debut!

I have soft spots for Drew Barrymore and Ellen Page (I know they both have their fair shares of haters, but I think they’re both great, so if you hate them, abort! Stop reading now). With Page starring and Barrymore directing, I knew it was gonna be GREAT(!) and was so happy and excited, even though I was living in Korea and couldn’t see it in theaters. Seriously, all I could see there were movies like The Dark Knight and Transformers II. After I watched Whip It on my stupid laptop, I wanted to move to middle-o-nowhere Texas, wear a lot of t-shirts and skirts, and beat up on (and be beaten up on by) others. While on skates!!! I wanted to be in high school getting soooooo excited about something new and trying really hard to get good at something. I miss that feeling of finding a new passion! Have any of you readers recently discovered any new passions?

I know writing about this movie isn’t breaking news or anything, but Whip It is definitely a great pick-me-up to keep in mind if you’re ever feeling blah.


One Response to “Whip It”

  1. Rebecca August 2, 2011 at 4:55 pm #

    Whip it makes me so happy – every time I watch it (must be 6 times by now). It’s uplifting and the cast is awesome.

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