Scared of The Future

29 Jul

Miranda July‘s second full-length movie, The Future, is comin out soon. Look into your own future on the website. I’m a little scared to go see it because I’m iffy on the trailer, and I have such hopes for anything Miranda July breathes on. I looooove the film Me and You and Everyone We Know and the short story collection No One Belongs Here More Than You. And also the interactive Learning to Love You More. Linky linky links!

So here’s the trailer:

What do you think? I don’t like the cat.

I think I’m gonna try reeeeally hard to like it because I like July.

In a 2007 interview with Bust magazine, July spoke of the importance of feminism in her life, saying, “What’s confusing about [being a feminist]? It’s just being pro-your ability to do what you need to do. It doesn’t mean you don’t love your boyfriend or whatever…When I say ‘feminist’, I mean that in the most complex, interesting, exciting way!”

Yes. That’s it. That is the idea of feminism ladymade embraces. Being pro-lady success! And pro-boyfriends/brothers/dads/boys-who-are-friends/whatevers. Pro everyone yayyyyyyy. Positivity Friday!


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