Jill Bliss

26 Jul

She’s an artist livin in Oregon, making cool nature-inspired things like journals, prints, wallets, even fabric! BUY THEM. I like the nature within nature aspect of a lot of her work.

This part of her profile explains that a little:

in my mind, “people, plants and animals” or “art, craft and design” are not so different from one another. i believe that everything and everyone are interconnected and similar—it’s just a matter of each functioning with a different set of materials, and at varying speeds and scales. i hope to call attention to these ideas in my work, and to celebrate the small overlooked details that showcase these interconnections and samenesses.

I got a print of this!

I found Jill Bliss on Buy Olympia. It’s a really cool site dedicated to selling local (to Portland, OR) handmade objects. Ah, Portland.

Kitties and duckies.


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