The Runcible Spoon

25 Jul

Aw, guyzzzzz, check out the adorable Runcible Spoon site. It makes me hungry and inspires me to cook instead of heating foods up.

Zinesters Malaka Gharib and Claire O’Neill describe their zine, which you can also find online at the above linked site! (Lucky you!):

The Runcible Spoon is a tiny food zine based in Washington, D.C. It is a free, print publication distributed in cafes and boutiques all over the District. Our goal is to capture the pleasure of eating food and present it to you in a half-collage, half-illustrated, half-magic little magazine. Our community of offbeat writers and bloggers cover everything from restaurant reviews to family recipes with the hope of one thing: to get you daydreaming about food, glorious food — and cooking, of course!

We encourage you channel your inner 90s child and print out a few of our zines at home. Distribute a stack at your favorite record shop, cafe or bookstore. There’s nothing more lovely than a free zine. 

True. Free zines are very very nice surprises.

Issue 4

Also Issue 4!

If you don’t live in D.C., poor you, you can’t get this from a coffee shop or go to the zine launch party like I did and get the chance to be thoroughly charmed by the ladymakers of this great and inspiring DIY offering. You probably should move here.

Or make a zine of your own!

Do you have any nice zine links?


2 Responses to “The Runcible Spoon”

  1. Tessa July 25, 2011 at 10:28 pm #

    Hey you might appreciate this- lady designers!

    • clairelorraine July 25, 2011 at 10:34 pm #

      Omigosh, was looking at right when you sent this to me! I’ll check this out!

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