Geek Love

21 Jul

As a companion to yesterday’s Unlovable post, here’s Geek Love. O, the terrible, grotesque things we do in the name of love.

This old edition's cover is better than the new edition's cover which looks, as my BF pointed out, like the designer failed to read one page of this book.

The geeks are not nerds – they are boys who bite the heads off of chickens. The love is not flowery  and precious – it’s scary and dark!

This book made me queasy for almost the entire second half. Not for the faint of heart or weak of stomach!

Without spoilerz, Geek Love is about a traveling circus/freak show family and is highly MESSED UP. Can you handle it???

Katherine Dunn published this in 1989 and it almost won the National Book Award that year. (It lost to John Casey’s Spartina.) In the last 20 years, women have won the National Book Award for Fiction about 1/3 of the time. Not 1/2, but it’s getting betterrrrr. Yeah, ladiez!



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