Chris Roberts-Antieau

19 Jul

Walking around the amazing American Visionary Arts Museum in Baltimore a couple weeks ago, I was drawn like a dog to a toilet bowl to Chris Roberts-Antieau’s work. I couldn’t stay away.

I love the bio on her website:

On her very first day in art-school, the instructor had given the class an assignment to draw an ink bottle. The other students drew literal, realistic sketches. Chris drew a blocky, childlike bottle that took up the whole page. The professor singled it out for mockery in front of the whole class, asking her, “Who told you you could draw?” Chris walked out and never looked back.

Look! All these below are QUILTS! Can you belieeeeve it? (And of course these photos barely do any justice at all to the works. Go see ’em for yourself if you can!)

2009 Collection

2011 Collection

2011 Collection


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