Vintage Photos as Antitode to Leibovitz Blues

15 Jul

Come onnnnn, Annie!

I was feeling a little bummed about my lukewarm reaction to Annie Leibovitz’s American Music, but then again Leibovitz is not trying to rock the boat in any kind of feminist way (see left! T_T) But just because someone is female does not mean she will do something as crazy as try to subvert the norm of the male gaze. But I don’t want to totally ladybash Leibovitz either – kudos to her for scoring Chief Photographer at male-dominated Rolling Stone in the 1970s.

So it’s coooooool. After Leibovitz-related moping, I stumbled upon Photo Sleuth today when looking for public domain photographs.

Brett Payne, not a lady, had a whole lovely post on Derbyshire female photographers of olde (1859-1910!).

Aw, Florence Levy stopped making these portraits when she got married. At 24! Phototalent cut too short, Florence!

Here are some pretty photos by lady photographers when photography was still in its training wheels. So this isn’t exactly Art, but it’s cool, isn’t it?

Gertrude Fletcher took this photo - she had her own studio back in da day.


2 Responses to “Vintage Photos as Antitode to Leibovitz Blues”

  1. John July 15, 2011 at 4:12 pm #

    I approve of this post. Scarlett Johansson has a very nice..personality. I enjoy her body… of work.

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