Vanessa Davis, Genius

15 Jul

Meet Vanessa Davis, amazing illustrator and cartoonist. Here’s an example of her awesomeness:

I fell in love w/ Davis’ first book Spaniel Rage, because of its messiness. Her diary comics are almost painfully honest and that’s refreshing in a world dominated by superhero comics, which are all about escapist overblown macho strength/power. I guess diary comics can be a little self-indulgent, but I never got that from Davis. She was really lettin it all hang out – I loved that she drew her own fat rolls while watching tv in her underwear. Her newer book, Make Me a Woman, is a lot slicker, but it’s still great! And it’s in color! Of course Drawn and Quarterly is going to make it fancy. Hehe, they say this in their company bio:

Book lovers, who appreciate exceptional quality in literature and design, laud D+Q for creating elegant objects that transcend the boundaries of books and comics.

Transcendant! Seriously though, check out Drawn and Quarterly offerings if you want to see some artistic and literary comics for a change. Does that sound snooty? I hope so. Most comics seem kind of juvenile, cliched, and boring to me, and as a lady, I have a hard time relating to anything, especially when all the female characters are like BOOBS!!!!

Dig through the crap to find gems like Vanessa Davis.


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