Ida Maria Likes You Better When You’re Naked

15 Jul

I saw Norwegian indie musician Ida Maria at CMJ – I was kind of along for the ride with my college radio station since I wasn’t cool enough to actually be familiar with any up-and-comin rawkers featured. I was tooootallyyyy starstruck and had ladylove hearts in my eyes when she started doing her thing. She was just so. Freaking. Cool!!! And she wore some big awkward vintage dress and moved around crazily (alluring in how unpretty it was). I loved that she was singing about using dudes for sexxxx. *Gasp!*

Did you guys like the Andy Warhol/Velvet Underground references? I didddd.

My dude friend hated her and said I would have hated her too if she were a dude and had sung those songs. I probably would have. Because dudes sing songs like that all the time, and nobody really bats an eye. Objectification of women in music is the norm. But when women objectify men, people do NOT like it. Wellll, maybe two wrongs don’t make a right, blah blah blah, whatever, I liked that she was goin’ for it! And she’s a bada$$!


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